Our vines are certified organic by NASAA.

They are watered from our dam which holds chemical free, clean rain water. The dam is home to dozens of ducks and other water birds, who also add to the ecosystem of the dam and surrounding area.

We preserve hollow trees on the property to encourage bees to build their hives and pollinate the flora in the area.

The open water troughs we keep for our livestock are a permanent source of water for the bees.

Wild grasses which grow amongst the vines are slashed during summer to create green fertiliser.

Following vintage, we move our sheep into the vines to allow them eat the weeds and grass, and fertilise the area without requiring the use of sprays.

We work with nature rather than against it to boost the vineyards biodiversity. Our goal is to create a vineyard which is a self-regulating, natural ecosystem and our practices are foccussed on achieving this.

Our Shiraz vines grow on ancient soil which is approximately 75 million years old. Our vines are hand pruned to reduce the risk of diseases and increase the quality of the fruit.

Our fruit is chemical free with minimal additives, and coupled with the ancient soils the vines grow in, adds to the terroir which influences the quality and taste of our wine.

The benefit of organic wine means there are no chemical residues from insecticides and other synthetic chemicals.

Our organic viticulture practices and use of minimal water results in lower fruit yields, but the flavours are more intense and fruit quality is far higher.